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1-Find The Videos From Pinterest

Find The Pintrest Video And Copy The Video & Images URL.

2-Copy The Video & Image Link

Copy Video And Images Story Link

3-Paste The Video & Image Link

Paste The Link And Click On The Download Icon

4-Click On The Download Button

Simply Click The Download Button To Save Videos.

Pinterest Downloader website is one of the best

Pinterest Image And Video Downloader Is A Great App To Download Any Videos, Images, Gif From Pinterest. You Can Download Any File In Just 4 Steps That Takes Not More Than 10 Seconds.It Is Extremely Easy To Use. You Don’t Need Any Prior Tech Knowledge To Download Any Image, Video Or Gif From Pinterest With Pinterest Image And Video Downloader. Here’s How You Can Do It.

How to Use Pinterest Image And Video downloader

Step 1: Open Pinterest and copy the link of your desired video, image or GIF you want to download. 

Step 2: Now open Pinterest Image and video downloader

Step 3: Paste the link in the text box. 

Step 4: Click on download Button.. Woohoo! Your file is downloaded. Now share it with your friends. 

How to Use Pinterest Image And Video downloader on PC. 

Usually pinterest doesn’t allow users to download Images and videos from the website because they want you to stay on the website. But using our tool you can download any file in just a few clicks. 

Just copy the file link, paste it on our site and click download. Your file will be saved on your PC. 

What is a Pinterest Image Downloader?

Pinterest generally doesn’t allow users to download videos, images, GIFs, or stories. But you can download images and videos from Pinterest using Pinterest downloader service. It removes the picture or video URL from the Pinterest site and gives the user a download link. 

Users can often download Pinterest material from these websites in several file types, including PNG, JPG, GIF, and MP4.,, and are well-known websites for downloading Pinterest content.

Features Of Pinterest Downloader:

Pinterest Downloader comes with a lot of exciting features. You won’t need to go anywhere else to download pinterest contents. It allows you to download all types of contents on Pinterest like video, image, pin ideas, as well as GIF. Let’s see each feature in detail:

1. Pinterest Story Downloader:

Pinterest story downloader allows you to download pinterest stories that you won’t find in any other pinterest downloader tool. It is a unique feature that is available on our site only . 

2. Pinterest Image Downloader

You can download high quality pinterest images with Pinterest Image downloader. Generally other tools allow only low quality images to download with a free version. 

3. Pinterest Video Downloader:

You can also download videos with Pinterest video downloader. It allows you to download up to 1080p video without any extra charge. 

4. Pinterest Idea Pin Downloader:

Now this is something really unique. If you’re working on pinterest then downloading each image, or video one-by-one can really be time consuming. What if you can download the entire idea pin at once? 

Pinterest Idea Pin Downloader allows you to do so. You can download any idea pin in a single click with our tool. 

5. Pinterest video downloader 1080p

Pinterest is also a popular social media network and there are also many videos available here that people like to download and pinterest video downloader 1080p Now you can also download Full Hd videos in 1080p absolutely free with this tool 

6. Pinterest video download in hd

Yes, you can download all the videos of pinterest in hd quality and if you download the image story too, it is also in hd quality, if you download gif files, it is saved in full hd! One more thing, you can easily save any files from our website.  

What Is Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most widely used social media sites for sharing and finding images and ideas. This web application allows users to save and share links, videos, and photographs with their followers or the general public. 

Millions of individuals use Pinterest to find inspiration, learn about new items, organize their next trip, and do so.

Nevertheless, users who want to download images or movies to their local devices cannot do so with Pinterest's built-in download feature. 

As a result, numerous websites that let users save photographs, movies, and other content from Pinterest have been developed. 

The purpose of this post is to explain what Pinterest downloader websites are, how they operate, and why you should use them.

How does Pinterest Downloader Website Work?

The image or video URL is entered on a Pinterest downloader website to view the material. After extracting the content, the website transforms it into a format that can be downloaded. 

By clicking on the website's offered download link, the user can then download the content to their local device. Users can download the needed content in a matter of seconds because of how quick and straightforward the process is.

Benefits of Using Pinterest Downloader Website:

There are several benefits to using a Pinterest downloader website, including:

1.   Saving time and effort: Users may easily download numerous images or videos using a Pinterest downloader website without having to click on each one individually to save it. This helps people download their selected stuff quickly and effortlessly while saving time and effort.

2.   Offline Access: Users can access Pinterest material offline by downloading it from a downloader website. Those who wish to access their saved photos or movies when they don't have internet access will find this to be especially helpful.

3.   Sharing: Downloaded content can be sent to people who might not have access to or use Pinterest. Users can share their favorite photos and videos with their loved ones.

4.   Maintaining a Backup: Users can download content from Pinterest to keep a backup of their favorite photos and videos. This guarantees they will always retain access to their preferred content, even if Pinterest decides to erase it.

5.   High-Quality Downloads: Websites that allow users to download content on Pinterest often provide high-quality downloads, ensuring that users receive the best copy. Those who intend to utilize the downloaded content professionally should pay special attention to this.

Why To Use Pinterest Image and Video downloader?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms and the most popular image, video sharing platform in the world. You can save any image or video on Pinterest but in small numbers only. 
If you want to download images, videos, stories or GIFs in large numbers then you’ll need a fast and reliable tool. Our tool offers a seamless and fast way to download any image or file as you can download the entire pin idea in a single click with our tool. We are trusted by millions of users across the globe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are websites that let you download Pinterest safe to use?

Answer: Not all Pinterest downloading websites are secure; some can include viruses or malware that might harm a user's computer. To ensure that the downloaded content is secure and free of security threats, selecting a reliable and safe website that offers high-quality downloads is crucial.

Question: Can I use a downloader service to get all types of content from Pinterest?

Answer: Most Pinterest downloader websites let users save images and videos. However not all kinds of content are available for downloading. Even through a downloader website, some content, such as private boards, can not be accessible or downloadable.

Question: Is an account required to utilize a website that downloads from Pinterest?

Answer: Most Pinterest downloading websites don't demand visitors register to utilize their services. Without creating an account, users can download their selected content by typing the URL for the image or movie on Pinterest.

Question: Can I download unlimited content from Pinterest using a downloader website?

Answer: The quantity of content that can be downloaded from Pinterest utilizing a downloader website may be subject to limitations. The number of downloads or the size of the files that can be downloaded at once may be restricted on some websites. To ensure that users are not breaking any rules or guidelines, it is crucial to read the website's terms of use.

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